Report - Day 10

12:26 AM

Andrew and I are stalking the Izanagis since 13 days now. We have explored a few dozen lakes below the Equator without much luck and have decided to relocate in the northern hemisphere near Maxwell Montes. Being a cold area, the Snow Barnaby's Tusk are usually slow and fat there, acting as delightfull preys.

We don't really know what to expect, "G" has only encountered their victims's shredded bodies and was a bit reluctant to relate the exact details. Anyway, as he gently reminded us before we embark for New Venus: "Make United Kingdom proud!".

06:03 PM

Andrew did a few drawings this afternoon while I focused on the Rayguns maintenance, those damn Pearce models and New Venus weather don't really play well together, probably the watertight joints having a hard time with the temperature shifts. Once back, I'll have to discuss about the issue with "G".

Report - Day 11

12:32 AM

Capturing two Tusk was easier than what we thought, they were caught offguard while eating some berries and promptly zapped. We will use them as baits. Andrew took a new look at the artist impressions package "G" gave us and told me laughing: "Ha! I hope the real ones are scarier than those drawings!".

03:58 PM

We finally installed the proximity sensors around the closest small acid lake. Salt density is incredibly high there, I suspect that those lakes rarely freeze, even under New Venus winter winds.

04:07 PM

Let's the hunt begin!

Report - Day 12

7:23 AM

Sensor number 9 alarm roused us from sleep: we are getting prepared as fast as we can!

9:47 AM

Operation is a brilliant success: we managed to get two specimens photographied!

Unfortunately for Andrew, his left arm had a lot to do with it.

We are now heading back to headquarter to bring the data to "G". Andrew need a new arm!

10:03 AM

Andrew is unhinged and wants to go back to vaporize the creatures: "Ripped off my arm? Ha, how dare he! I’m British!".

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